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Sunny-Hillvue KGA Kayle
A special Christmas and New Year's thought for you and your family:
At Christmas and throughout the New Year we pray that all of God's wonderful blessings of good health, peace, and prosperity are bestowed to all of our old friends, new friends and soon to be friends!!  These blessings will reveal themselves to the people of our nation and world when God comes into their hearts and lives on a daily basis.  We pray this Christmas season for a spiritual, moral, and economic revival on our farms and throughout our naiton and world.
 Valspring Holsteins is a family owned and operated business going into the third generation of working with the right kind of cows.  We have bred and developed a nationally known and award winning herd of Registered Holsteins milking around 200 cows.  We were ranked 1st in the state numerous times and 9th in the nation based on our outstanding classification BAA.  All together we have bred or developed 16 bulls that were sold or leased to AI studs in the US and abroad.  In addition we won the prestigious Progressive Breeders Registry Award and developed several Gold Metal Dams and Dams of Merit.  Our herd was also known for their tremendous longevity having bred and developed 150 cows over 100,000 lbs. lifetime production and 4 cows over 200,000 lbs. lifetime production.  Currently we are using our knowledge and good eye for cows to order/buy and commission sell cows, heifers, and bulls for our friends and customers.   Repeat business is our goal and integrity in our business dealings and the quality of the cattle we offer has established many long term relationships and repeat buyers.

Above: Beautiful fresh two year old daughter of Kingsmill Goldwyn Asteroid.  Milking over 100lbs. a day.  Should score high VG.  Kaylie was purchased for the Begert Family of Neilsville, WI by myself as a shortbred heifer from the Proctor Family-Sunny-Hillvue Holsteins of North Carolina.  She is an example of the kind of young cow I like to purchase for my friends and customers.  Check with Brian Begert about this fine young cow at 715-305-3443.  Congratulations to the Begert Family on developing this outstanding young cow and to the Proctor Family for breeding her!!

Other references for Les McCracken-Valspring Holsteins available upon request.  Talk with a customer who has purchased over 2000 head of cattle from Les over the last few years.  See what he has to say about the kind we deliver!!!



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