Calves and Open Holstein Heifers

Calves and Open Holstein Heifers Holsteins For Sale

 Herd Buyers Choice Weight Age Ave Pounds/Day  
Short Breds with Good Genetics
85 800 - 900
Listing: 20002 Illinois
Short Breds with Good Genetics:
Bred 1-2 months to Holstein bull. Good growthy heifers. Vast majority from one top herd that was averaging 90 pounds a day....
Extreme Quality in This Nice Group
50 700 - 750
Listing: 20001 Ohio
Extreme Quality in This Nice Group:
Extremely good quality group ready to breed....
Very Reasonably Priced Calves
150 200 - 250
Listing: 20004 Virginia
Very Reasonably Priced Calves:
Good group; From one herd...
Exceptional Group Heifers
125 200 - 800
Listing: 20005 South Carolina
Exceptional Group Heifers:
All with Sire ID; From one herd. Top genetics....
Exceptional Group 700-800 Pound Group
120 700 - 800
Listing: 20003 Virginia
Exceptional Group 700-800 Pound Group:
Good quality of breeding age heifers with top genetics....
Quality and Quanity
120 800 - 850
Listing: 20006 Iowa
Quality and Quanity:
Top group of short bred heifers. Half with positive sire ID. You will be pleased...
Excellent Selection All Ages
250 200 - 800
Listing: 20013 Wisconsin
Excellent Selection All Ages:
Good quality; all vaccines; BVD ear notched....
Fancy Group with a Lot Good Genetics
300 800 - 850
Listing: 20007 Wisconsin
Fancy Group with a Lot Good Genetics:
Fancy Group from Two herds in the 25,000-30,000 production range. AI sired with positive Sire and Dam ID....
Unlimited Number Available Top Genetics
1000 700 - 800
Listing: 20014 Ontario, Canada
Unlimited Number Available Top Genetics:
All sire ID; Top Herds...
Reasonably Priced Large Group
90 800
Listing: 20012 Iowa
Reasonably Priced Large Group:
Ready to breed/carry embryos...

Calves and Open Holstein Heifers Holsteins For Sale.

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